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August Break


Susannah's plans for the summer

I couldn’t resist… One of the most inspiring women in the universe suggested that we do a month of pictures on August instead of writing on our blogs: I am so in! Matteo and I are leaving for Israel on August 3rd and I usually get to snap good pictures during those visits cause the light is sooooo good.
So if you want to join, visit Susannah Conway website and leave your blog into the comments.




Questa semplice torta, savoiardi, fragole e panna, viene fatta dalla mia mammina per il compleanno da circa 30 anni… Grazie mille!
This simple cake, savoiardi biscuits, strawberries and whipped cream, has been prepared by my lovely mom for my birthday for approximately 30 years… Thank you so much!

Il mio compleanno è passato da un mese, ma solo ieri siamo riusciti a mangiare questa deliziosa torta, quindi doppio festeggiamento…
My birthday was one month ago, but only yesterday we ate this delicious cake, double festivities…
La mia torta

Il cibo era ottimo.
The food was excellent.
Insalatina di pollo

La prossima settimana, dopo il delirio del trasloco, torneremo con le ricette di Tamir, magari in chiave DAL.
Next week we will be back, after this crazy moving, with Tamir’s recipes, maybe DAL inspired.



I have been cheating with  my 100 photos project… In one day I took many pictures and 5 of them I really loved, so I scheduled the posts and I am feeling a bit cheap about it…

But I do love the shots, so here it is # 23: the peony from #21 with a lovely lilac thrown in the mix …