Tracks vs Records


For the past 6 months I’ve listened to a lot of music, after being in silence for years. I was surrounded by music from the day I was born until my late teens and then I got bored with it.

Recently thanks to Spotify I really got back into it and subscribed to a Family Account to encourage Matteo to discover new music everyday, even though now he really is mainly into Justin Bieber and Depeche Mode (I knooooow! The kid’s got eclectic tastes…).

Are you more a single track person or do you enjoy going through an album? It really depends on the album I guess, but I am really enjoying listening to these in their full glory:

  1. FlumeSkin. Out last Friday, I listened to it like 5 times since then, ehm…
  2. Gold PandaGood luck and do your best
  3. Mura MasaSomeday Somewhere. Saw him in London, excellent set!
  4. RihannaAnti. Think less dance anthems, more electronic rio girls 🙂
  5. Fletwood MacRumors. You have to know the classics!