I ♥ Hipstamatic


I know I am late to the party but I am really enjoying the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone.
Mostly I love how you send your pictures directly to Flickr, Facebook and Twitter without having to upload the pictures to the computer, process them and upload them to the different social networks…
Plus a phone is not as intimidating as a camera so I usually can get some snaps of Matteo!
(iPhone camera, no Hipstamatic)

So far my favorite combo is John S lens + Ina 1969 film

I also like the Lucifer VI Lens + Float Film

I have no idea the settings of this one but I like the colors very much
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2 pensieri su “I ♥ Hipstamatic

  1. Francesca Autore articolo

    Io me lo sono comprato dopo aver sbavato sulle foto fatte con l’iPhone che vedo in giro… come telefono è una chiavica, ma come gingillo… imbattibile!