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Delizie dal Marocco


Domenica abbiamo preparato 2 specialità marocchine che a noi piacciono molto (poi io sto sempre male perchè cumino e peperoni verdi mi uccidono, ma questa è un’altra storia…).
Sunday we prepared 2 Moroccan specialties that we like very much (too bad I always end up feeling sick, cause cumin and green peppers kill me, but that’s another story…)

Tajine di pollo e limone/Chicken and lemons Tajine
1 coscia di pollo a testa, 2 se si è molto affamati/1 chicken leg each, 2 if you are really hungry
cumino, zenzero, paprika dolce, curcuma, 1-2 cucchiaini per spezia a seconda dei gusti/cumin, ginger, sweet paprika, curcum, 1-2 teaspoon depending on your taste
pepe bianco, pochino/white pepper, only a little bit
1/2 limone sotto sale a testa/half a salted lemon each
1 cipolla rossa a testa/1 red onion each
olio d’oliva/olive oil
1 spicchio d’aglio a testa, tagliato fine/1 garlic clove each, finely chopped
succo di un limone/lemon juice

Mettere tutte le spezie in una ciotola.
Put all the spices together into a bowl.
Delizie Marocchine

Mescolare con l’olio, l’aglio e il succo di limone.
Mix them with oil, garlic and lemon juice.
Delizie Marocchine

Sì, così…
Yep, like that…
Delizie Marocchine

Mettere nella ciotola il pollo, le cipolle e i limoni tagliati a spicchi e mescolare bene in modo che il pollo assorba bene la marinata.
Add the chicken, the onions and the lemons slices into the bowl and mix it so that the chicken can absorb the marinade.

Delizie Marocchine

Delizie Marocchine

Mescolare molto bene…
Mix very well…
Delizie Marocchine

Normalmente il piatto si cuoce nella tajine, ma non avevo voglia di portarla dal Marocco e qui in Italia costano parecchio, quindi noi mettiamo in forno a 190° per un’oretta circa coperto e poi un’altra mezzoretta scoperto.
Usually you have to cook this dish in the tajine, but since I didn’t want to bring one from Morocco and here in Italy they are very expensive, we put everyting in the oven at 190°C, one hour covered with aluminion foil and half an hour approximately without the foil to roast it.
Delizie Marocchine

Delizie Marocchine

Insalata di peperoni verdi, Mechouia/Green Peppers Sald, Mechouia
Delizie Marocchine
Cumino, zenzero/Cumin, ginger
Pepe bianco/White pepper
Olio extra vergine di oliva o olio d’argan/Extra-vergin olive oil or argan oil
Succo di limone/Lemon Juice
Peperoni verdi grigliati/Grilled Green Peppers

Pelare i pomodori, togliere i semi e tagliarli a cubetti.
Peel the tomatoes, seed them and dice them.
Delizie Marocchine

Nel frattempo grigliare i peperoni sul fornello di casa.
Meanwhile grill the peppers on you stove.
Delizie Marocchine

Pelare i peperoni e togliere i semi.
Peel them and seed them.
Delizie Marocchine

Tagliarli a cubetti.
Dice them.
Delizie Marocchine

Mescolare le verdure e il condimento in una bella ciotola marocchina per aggiungere un tocco esotico 🙂
Mix the vegetables with the seasoning in a beautiful Moroccan bowl to add an exotic touch .-)
Delizie Marocchine

Gustare con amici.
Enjoy with friends.
Delizie Marocchine

L'importanza degli hobby


The importance of hobbies

Da un paio di anni mi diletto di maglia.
A parte poter sfoggiare delle cosine niete male fatte da me medesima, ho trovato delle amiche simpatiche….
I started knitting a couple of years ago.
Aside from haveing nice little things to show off handmade by myself, I found some nice friends ….


E pure una sorella gemella…
Even a twin sister…

Di faccia e di balenghitudine…
In physical appearence and in silliness…

Al di là quest foto è una signora che va presa sul serio perchè è il presidente e non ha neppure gli escort.
Beyond this picture this lady should be taken seriously because she is the president and she doesn’t even have the escorts.




I am taking a photography course once a week here in Torino. The lessons are quite interesting but unfortunately most of them have us sitting in a classroom, listening to our teacher and taking notes.
Not yesterday… yesterday we hit the studio for a lighting workshop. We had so much fun!!! We took turns behind and in front of the camera (… wait till you see the pictures my classmates took of me…).

We tried 2 different light-sets, one with 2 fluorescents light and one with a flash and a bank (I am not sure these are the names in English) and it was really really interesting. I think I will take a couple of extra hours in the studio to experiment more.

I love this picture: I love that Roberto is taking very seriously the mesuring but is also amused and happy of hiding the the holy grail aka the light-meter, I love that there is light-meter involved, such a professional tool (not mine, of course…), I love that I am taking the class to begin with and finally I love this challange cause I feel that I am really stepping-up with my photographies.

Amicizie a distanza


Oggi mi sono accorta che Claudia di La case nella prateria mi ha girato un Honest Scrap Award

Prima di tutto… grazie!

Poi 2 parole su La casa nella prateria: Claudia e’ una ragazza torinese, penso piu’ o meno mia coetanea, che ha avuto la forza, il coraggio, lo spirito di cambiare vita. Ok detto cosi’ sembra una pubblicita’ progresso… pero’ e’ la verita’! Il suo blog e’ istruttivo, interessante, a tratti commovente. Claudia racconta e non pontifica, espone idee e non fa proselitismo, mostra la sua vita senza pensare di essere la mejo mamma del circondario. Suggerisce e non impone, e anche quando racconta di scelte che per brevita’ definiro’ come “divergenti” non lo fa mai facendo la paternale. Claudia insomma non giudica. Ed e’ per questo che tra tutti i blog di mamme italiane “alternative” (anche qui uso un termine che non mi piace, ma che mi e’ comodo per distinguere Claudia da un altro genere di mamme piu’ mainstream) il suo e’ l’unico che seguo. I suoi post propongono un punto di vista e uno stile di vita diverso e interessante. Insomma, leggetevillo!

Ed infine ecco come funziona il premio:

Honesty Award

Honesty Award

The award has two components. You have to first list 10 honest things about yourself (and make them interesting), and second present the award to seven other bloggers.

  1. I love salted crackers with bitter chocolate – maybe not very interesting but delicious…
  2. Sometimes I lie and say that I am sick but really I only want to sit on the couch and knit… and yes that includes working days!
  3. I am severely arachnofobic, so much that in high scool I didn’t have to partecipate in any natural science trip or lab;
  4. Sometimes I dance on my underwear in front of the mirror… and the music is always only in my head;
  5. Guilty pleasures: Perez Hilton and Pink Is The New Blog;
  6. I am Robsessed;
  7. I am very peculiar about cooked rice: risotto is ok but with two/three ingredients tops, cooked sweet rice is so offlimits is not even funny, rice with meat is also a big no-no for me;
  8. I love to sleep with my son and I am brought to tears everytime that I am reminded that this is going to end soon – I am a big advocate of co-sleeping but in the last few months Matteo got reall big and it’s hard to have a good night sleep with him on the bed, plus  I am really too lazy to find alternatives for alone quality time with the husband, so we must regain control of the nuptial bed… 
  9. I still haven’t gotten over  the end of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, in my opinion they were the best tv shows ever made;
  10. I used to be a really good cook, inventive and all, but now I have a hard time boiling and egg!!!

Here are 7 other bloggers who I’d like to bestow with the Honest Scrap Award

  1. Fragole Infinite: if it is an honesty award, Laura takes the first place!
  2. Knitaly: the adventures of an incredibly talented knitter who happens to be an engineer in a parallel universe
  3. Emmafassioknitting: you will hear great things about here, soon…
  4. Muscolinos: is she the mother of the year or what?!?!
  5. All roads lead to Pecetto: the name of the blog is reason enough to win any available award, plus all roads lead to Pecetto, for real
  6. A Typesetter’s day 3.0: in your face honesty… the best kind
  7. Victeam: no bullshit kind of photoblog, beautiful, inspired pictures taken with an iPhone